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driver and font files to get the screen working with Arduino

(screen on black PCB) - http://www.braesidewebdesign.com/files/TFT_ILI9163Cb.zip

(screen on red PCB) - http://www.braesidewebdesign.com/files/TFT_ILI9163Cr.zip

example font files (symbol and character) - http://www.braesidewebdesign.com/files/fonts.zip

arduino menu sketch - tftMenu144.zip (5KB) - be aware that this is experimental code so you might need a bit of tinkering to get it working for you - certainly check the hardwired pins relate to the pin numbers used in the code

Hello is it possible that you can zip your arduino directory for me ? I get strange errors when I compile your menu. it's the problems with your font. Hope to hear soon.

Do you have a diagram for how to wire this up to an arduino?
Does this only work with a 3.3V arduino?

Hi John, sorry for the late reply.
The pins are labelled on the PCB and most should be self explanatory. The three LCD pins that may be configured on other Arduino pins are CS, RESET, A0 and these will obviously need to correspond to whatever is configured in the arduino sketch. The A0 pin is often labelled DC or D/C in some of the sketches I've seen. Generally CS is 10, DC is 9 and RESET is 8.

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