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Bluetooth Module


this is a wee bluetooth module

Price: £5.50

screen module - the beta thingy

this is a little module (best seen in the right hand image above) that sits on the back of the 144 screens and turns them into something useful. Fully programmable through the Arduino IDE, this wee module is centred around the ATMega328p running at 20MHz (need to download the board configuration file). The board comes configured with an example and the code is readily available to easily change the text.

ATXMega with Arduino

well, after battling with this for a few days I 've managed to get my head around SPI and have used this to spark a 2.2" TFT screen into life. I'd like to develop this a wee bit further so that the Arduino IDE can upload via USB - at the minute I'm going through Atmel Studio using PDI which isn't really a very clean solution. But for now, it does work.


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