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tft 1.44 menu screen for Arduino

this is a small 128x128 tft screen controlled by an ATMega328p at 20MHz running an Arduino sketch, and with a wee bit of work on fonts using the adafruit_mfGFX library I've produced a menu selector which sends commands to another MCU over I2C. There is a combination of clicks and long presses to add increased fuctionality to the push buttons.

USB Module CP2102

ATMega32 - getting it to work with Arduino sketches

This is a simple wiring diagram for the ATMega32 and variants - this heap of wires should allow you to achieve the following
(a) install the Arduino bootloader
(b) upload sketches using SPI (the "Upload using Programmer" option in the Arduino IDE)
here's a forum topic on the subject which should help locate the required updates for the Arduino IDE


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