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ATMega328 to Arduino

This is how I've taken a blank ATMega328p and wired it up on a breadboard, bootloaded it and uploaded the example 'blink' sketch which is included with the Arduino IDE. First off, I had to gather quite a few bits 'n' pieces together to make this thing work, which I've listed here.

Custom StepStick for side mounting

this is a StepStick I've altered so that it can be side mounted to take up less board space. Constraints are that stepping is controlled by pin ms3 and so is either full stepping or 1/16 micro steps. Both sleep and reset are linked together so power control is through the enable pin. GND, VMOT and VDD are run to the board through extended header pins. The motor connections are free and pluggable.


Setting the camera and taking the stack

why on earth would anyone want to take handheld image stacks?


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